Other Services
Integrated Management Systems
Increasingly more and more companies find themselves with more than one accredited management system. Our consultants can assist you with integrating your management systems combing and streamlining them.

Competent Person
We can be your expert to support you on all environmental, health, safety and quality needs.

Corporate Social Responsibility 
Corporate Social Responsibility of CSR is defined as operating a company in a way that positively impacts society and the environment. Companies often develop plans to integrate CSR programs into their everyday activities.

eMANSYS can help you to develop your corporate responsibility strategy, benchmark your existing programme, assist in stakeholder engagement and communications plans.

Our team of experts can also help you with:- 
  • Process Permitting Applications
  • Waste Management Permit / Exemption Applications
  • Policy Research
  • Project Evaluation
  • Event Management 

Some of Our Clients
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